Wilder WILD Seafood

Wilder WILD Seafood

Fresh, Healthy, Delicious

Includes 24 Thrill of the Grill Fast & Fresh recipes from Cordon Bleu trained chef Susanne Wilder, plus instructions for various fish cooking methods. If you love fish, you'll love recipes like Pineapple-Prawn Skewers, Prawn & Ginger Parcels, Tasmanian Salmon Seafood Chowder and Bite Back Sharki Steak with Pommery Mustard Crust.

About the Book

In the great Northwest of Washington State my Boy Scout dad taught me how to stalk the elusive spotted brook trout. My breakfast over the fire near that brook and trout taste memories retain a nostalgic thread today. Wild trout like wild salmon as opposed to farm raised has a different delectable flavour. On the other hand, with the greed of over- fishing both species are vanishing.

Those salmon potlatches are also unforgettable. We buried sides of salmon planked on alder wood deep in the ground. After much singing, chanting and dancing with my Lummi Lummi tribe we unearthed the salmon, wild yams and proper Russet potatoes (from nearby Idaho).  Our native feast included roasted corn, scratch squaw bread lashed with fresh creamed butter and loganberry jam or slivers of Cougar Gold.  This sharp white Cheddar cheese was ordered directly from my future university at Washington State in Pullman or the middle of the wheat fields.

Later on as well, as close as Baja (from San Diego at least) there was some great fishing! I used to make runs for the fun combination of surfing (body in the morn and wind in the ‘arvo’), fishing, camping and hiking –with lots of sunning, shopping and of course, great dining thrown in. Fish right out of the ocean and into the pan for an impromptu moonlight dancing beach party, is one of the best experiences (in my food mind) on earth. The citrus butter I previously made has a taste of summer that melts over the fish – and in your mouth – with a golden glow.

One good fish tale flows into another…on one of many trips to Club Med. This time I left the partying behind and went out off the coast of Ixtapa. A cruisy sunny day soon took off with a great adrenaline rush. Suddenly I had a huge sailfish on my line and a thrilling 48-minute fight. As it literally sailed out of the sea we could see it was larger than 8-feet. So proud was I after finally pulling it in I had it stuffed and sent to the U.S. After a lengthy time, numerous phone calls and absurd price to import the fibreglass faux fish, I carted it with me from one move to the next. Finally it ended up at a friend’s garage until it dropped from the rafters. But, ah, the original adventure still exists! And that’s why one of my first priorities in my new country was to go fishing!

The fish that matches my outfit! lol


Fast & Fresh Basics

Four Fruit Salsa

Pineapple-Prawn or Any Fish Skewers

Susanita’s Super Salsa Cruda

Flaming Corn Salsa

Prawn & Ginger Parcels

Tasmanian Salmon Seafood Chowder

Avocado Guacamole Mousse With Crab Louis Dressing

Low-Fat Louis Dressing

Pescadero Borracho (Drunken Fish)

Baramundi on Citrus Savoury Sago with Fruit Salsa

Fresh Four Fruit Salsa

Citrusy Savoury Sago

Bite Back Shark Steak with Pommery Mustard Crust

Parmesan Fillets with Bananas

Watercress Creamy Dreamy Dressing Sauce/Spread

Creamy Horseradish Honey Mustard

Hot and Creamy Secret (Verde) Sauce

Jalapeno Honey Tartar Sauce

Pacific Rim Ginger Sauce

Mint Ginger Raita

Ginger Citrus Honey Mint Dressing

Dried Cranberry Pesto

Compound Butters

Sun-Dried Tomato Butter Blend

Kalamata Butter Blend

Genre: Fish
Tag: Health Through Diet
Publisher: Wilder Wellness
Publication Year: 2014
eBook Price: 4.99
About the Author
Susanne E. Wilder CFE

Susanne E. Wilder is a Certified Food Executive, Home Economist, and has a bachelor’s degree from Washington State University. She is an “enlightened” Cordon Bleu chef, who specializes in creating quick, super healthy, chef-worthy menus for good health. She has more than three decades of experience in the foodservice and consumer food sectors and has worked as an adventure travel food writer, culinary consultant and instructor, and she is the author of 18 cookbooks. She is also a Hatha Yoga instructor, and a roller-blading, biking, kayaking, and boogie boarding bon vivant!