Chocolate Chili Mousse

Serves 6-8

You can make this mousse ahead in 7 minutes and refrigerate for up to 7 days—if it lasts that long! No whipping cream or separation of eggs needed. I’ve made it for 150 and filled small wine glasses full up with a pastry bag or in little espresso cups! It becomes aphrodisiac when you feed each other.

  • 250g unsalted organic butter, softened
  • 1Tbsp honey (opt)
  • 1 tsp salsa of choice or minced chilies
  • 250g Fremantle Chocolate, dark chocolate buttons
  • 6 eggs free-range and organic if possible
  • Nice additions: Espresso, Kailua, Hazelnut Liqueur
  • Garnishes: Nuts, strawberry fan, kiwi slice, Chantilly cream, mint, raspberry or strawberry sauce


The Wilder Method
  1. Whip it good (with electric mixer) on that butter and honey.
  2. Meanwhile give the chocolate some radar love, 20 seconds at a time. Continue to beat, mixing in chocolate.
  3. Whip those eggs in, whole, one at a time, beating thoroughly after each egg. The mousse should become lighter and fluffier as each egg is added.

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