My publishing

My publishing

Wilder by the dozen cookbooksCredits include creating and styling food for my best-selling cookbooks
(written under the name of Susan E. Mitchell), which include:

  • Thirty-Minute Meals, Ortho Chevron Books1982
  • 32 Low-Calorie Dishes, Easy Cooking Barron’s Books 1984
  • Fundamentals of Fast and Fresh, Ideals Publications 1984
  • Ideals: Fast and Fresh Entertaining Menus, 1985
  • Creative Mexican Cooking, Nitty Gritty Cookbooks 1995
  • 30 Minute Meals, CCA (revised 1993)
  • Arranging Food Beautifully, Tray and Steam table Art, John Wiley & Sons1999
  • Big Change, Growing a Community with a Simple Seed 2009
Previous cookbooks!

Previous cookbooks!

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