A Season of Soups

A season of soups

Now we are onto soups – another fast favourite. Why soups in the summer you may ask? Because I’m freezing here upside down under in the middle of winter! Also I’ve included refreshing chilled soups and shooters and even breakfast soups to revivify. Whatever your season there is a reason for a salubrious soup …

Review (original article from www.goodreads.com)

Author: Susanne E Wilder
Published By: E Text Press
Age Recommend: 16
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 4
Blog Review For: GMTA

Susanne E. Wilder is a Home Economist, nutrition consultant, travel writer, culinary consultant in the food industry to worldwide resorts. Ms Wilder is a instructor trainer for three decades of experience in the foodservice and consumer food segments as well as a media spokesperson for wellness and lifestyle. Ms. Wilder is also a Hatha Yoga instructor, roller blading, biking, kayaking, and fishing expert.

Now you may ask at this point what does this all have to do with ..A Seasons of Soups…Simple Healthy Timeless. …Well, get ready for some unique soups… So Behind the Kitchen Door-Once again come on in and read and cook on the wild side with Ms Wilder.

In each of Ms Wilder’s recipes there is a part the is called ‘The Wilder Method.’ This method shows you in a quick and easy way to fix the recipe. I fixed the Creamy Potato-Pepper Soup following the ‘wilder method’ and believe me it was very easy, quick and good!

Here are a few of the Recipes names that sounded interesting… that are found in the book:
Rainbow Breakfast Soups, Honey Dew- Rock Melon Soup-Cool Cucumber mint Soup-Creamy Herbal Walnut Soup-Super Quick Minestrone-Wild Rice Wild Mushrooms & Cheddar Soup-Spicy Tomato Sipping Soup-and Creamy Potato-Pepper Soup. If any of these are of interest to you please pickup the book and start cooking. These soups are a season of soups that are made simple, healthy and timeless!

If you are a soup person I think you may like these soups and I would recommend these to any that would like to try ‘The Wild Side soups and a good read.

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