Wild Pizzas Anytime

Wild Pizzas Anytime

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Some of these pizza experiences and recipes came from great travels to Italy, New York, California, Mexico and finally Australia (where I always wanted to live!) For years I wrote for free for PMQ ~ Pizza Marketing Quarterly. My ship of fun came in when I was invited to Salsamaggerio Italy to act as judge for the World’s Best Pizza Contest. Once I arrived all things were gratis and pizza related. The pomp and ceremony for pizzas by each Olympic Pizza team was remarkable. Truffles, white asparagus and other amazing toppings were tasted, tested and evaluated. Front and over the edge outré concepts created a further stretching of my own envelope of creativity.

The culinary principles again weigh in here. With a good canvas of crust, splash of sauce, half the usual cheeses and a myriad of colourful toppings lead to nearly infinite variations. By looking at different day parts and ethnic alternatives the wow factor, types, taste and textures triumph.

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