Defeating Diabetes


Receiving the diagnosis of diabetes is a real wake-up call, though it can be a blessing if it causes you to decide to improve all aspects in your life. The necessary changes to your diet can end up in probable weight loss (and who doesn’t want that?) and higher levels of energy. If you’ve already decided to apply the principles of the previous chapter, Soils for Life, you’ll be ready to enjoy real, fresh foods from your own or a community garden.

If you’re dealing with Diabetes and other degenerative diseases, you will find even more help in later chapters, so stay tuned. One thing that remains true throughout all the chapters of this book is that foods that come from good soils produce good health results. My special friend, Gardener George explains, “The top 350 mls and especially the top 30 mls [of soil] are key for feeding [plants] with organic matter and water…”

I have a personal connection to this chapter, as my own mom had Diabetes, and some of my other relatives have had weight challenges — including myself. The protocols for preventing and reversing Diabetes will help you, even if you don’t have this disease, since they are based on living and eating well.

Table of Contents

  • Low Calorie Diet
  • Metabolic Reset/Reboot
  • How Foods Stack Up
  • Understanding GI Values
  • Diet Details
  • Glycaemic Index
    • Breakfast Cereal
    • Staples
    • Bread
    • Snacks & Sweet Foods
    • Legumes (Beans)
    • Fruits
    • Dairy
  • Blood glucose control
  • Supplements
  • Other Supplements/Natural Remedies
  • Role of Sleep, Exercise, and Meditation
  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Habits
  • Anecdotal Case Study: Type 2 Diabetes

Recipes From Garden to Table

  • Shrimp and Scallops in Shells
  • Herbed Rice and Peas


  • Turkey Breast Cutlets
  • Turkey breast cutlets
  • Parslied Parsnips
  • Steamed Kale and Pearl Onions
  • Poppy Seed Rolls


  • Tempeh/Tofu “Breast” Cutlets
  • Parslied Parsnips
  • Buckwheat Pasta with Mushroom Sauce
  • Garden Patch Green Salad
  • Chili Non Carne with Pita (Tostadas)
  • Green Leaf and Coriander Salad


  • Kielbasa One-Pot Supper
  • Spinach Salad with Lemon-Soy Dressing
  • Lemon-Soy Dressing
  • Dark Rye with Melted Cheese

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