Beating Breast Cancer


Learn ways to make changes to mind, body and Spirit and help cured yourself. The author subscribes to the mantra Living Foods = Healing Foods.

Information from Ty Bollinger, author of “Cancer:Think Outside the Box,” and Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, Bio-energetic Chiropractor is also included.

The book finishes up with tasty, healthy recipes that include vegetarian and vegan substitutions.

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One thought on “Beating Breast Cancer

  1. Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

    All cancers are metaboplic malfunction conditions of the body and it is your immune system that keeps this condition in check . We are born with cancer cells all of us and it is up to us to live out our lives in good homeostasis of mind and body . To live with nature with love unconditionally in our good food choices and to learn to forgive and to listen to our body . Thank you Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

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