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What it was like?!

WHAT IT IS LIKE NOW ~ So, on my website it says it all started with mudpies. True but also true is I won a 6th grade cake baking contest after creating mystery cakes in my Betty Crocker play kitchen and cooking with my grandma in her little kitchen. She lived in a lower unit of…

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Chocolate Chile Killer Mousse

Serves 6-8 You can make this mousse ahead in 7 minutes and refrigerate for up to 7 days—if it lasts that long! No whipping cream or separation of eggs needed. I’ve made it for 150 and filled small wine glasses full up with a pastry bag or in little espresso cups! It becomes aphrodisiac when…

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Notes from a spa junkie besides a foodie

Years ago I worked as a masseuse at Empire Retreat in a cosy room under the stairs. It was lovely to work there for even just the beautiful drive in gracefully winding around the native flora. It’s one of the most tasteful and tranquil retreats I’ve ever been to on three continents. As mentioned (written)…

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