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The March against Monsanto

My Own Timeline of Protest   As a long time wellness foodie, chef and cookbook author I’m quite concerned about this comment and have stood up and against Monsanto for 30 years. Saturday May 24th 2014, fifty nations protested in 400 marches. I joined the march in Perth, WA with Freedom Foods and my new country…

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Ubud Mountain High

Bali Spirit Yoga Centre Something, well many things, about Yoga portend to be a panacea for healing, fitness and relaxation. As a practitioner and Hatha Yoga teacher for 17 years on 4 continents I’ve espoused this 4000 year old science and practice wherever I’ve lived. This is why I wanted to share this aspect of…

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My food philosophy

My food philosophy is a blend of time-honoured cooking techniques and the latest nutritional findings. My presentation of simple cooking procedures includes principles by which basic recipes can be endlessly varied. Cooks are encouraged to go beyond my formulas to create their own specialities once the basics are learned fully. Health conscious cooks will appreciate…

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