All Life Depends on Soil


This first mini book in the Medicinal Menus For Degenerative Diseases series covers topics like vertical integration, companionate gardening, naturally enhancing your growing area, small space gardening, and sources for learning the art of gardening, as well as covering such interesting topics as edible weeds, sprouting and foraging at the farmers markets.

Included are also more than 45 easy to prepare recipes that embrace the ideals covered in the text. Recipes include Fast & Furious Fresh Smoothies, Berry Yummy Muffins, Watercress Creamy Dreamy Dressing, Spicy Sweet Tomato Sipping Soup, Organic Garden Patch Green Salad, Baramundi on Citrus Savory Sago with Fruit Salsa, Mango Aphrodisiac Passion Fruit Sauce and Chocolate Decadent Killer Liability Mousse.

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