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Author • Cordon Bleu Certified Instructor • Fast and Fresh Cooking Classes • Healthy Living Coaching

Susanne WilderSusanne Wilder and Julia ChildSussane Wilder

It all started with mud pies

It all started with mud pies–no. It was the 6th grade cake baking contest I won when my mom told me to add orange juice to the cake batter to make it moister. Then she encouraged me to do and be anything I wanted, to pursue every dream. So I wrote to Julia Child in high school and she wrote back to me! Her suggestion was to go to the Cordon Bleu in London not Paris and learn the principles and fundamentals of the culinary arts. After I saw the film Julie & Julia I understood. I did train at the Cordon Bleu after a 3 year reservation and met Julia and her husband Paul, 10 years later.

I actually offered her an autographed copy of my first book 30 Minute Meals. Her charming response in that inimitable voice was, “Oh, how delightful!” My first experience as a professional culinary reviewer was just back in 1975 as a Home Economist for Sunset Magazine. Around a huge lazy Susan table the staff would review reader recipes once a fortnight. Some dishes were delectable others needed to be washed down with a lot of wine. In the early 80’s working for Del Monte the Home Economics department ran taste panels complete with Hedonic rating scales for new products. Other focus groups were attended for product re-formulation and new menu items developed for several restaurant chains.

Through-out the last 3 decades I’ve written restaurant reviews for both newspapers and magazines wherever I haved lived on three different continents. The template I designed for objective review and competitive evaluation covers FATTS: Flavour, Appearance, Texture, Temperature and Shelf stable sturdiness. Last year I created 6 new e-book cookbooks: Wilder by the Dozen Simple Healthy Timeless, A Season of Soups, Wilder Mexican Mains, Wild Pizzas Anytime, International Vegetarian Dishes, Best of my B&B Brunches. Currently I’m working on Wilder by the Dozen Wild and Wonderful Desserts, Wild Seafood and Bhutanese Clean Cuisine.


The Distinctive Light Style Continues
California  •  Florida  •  Queensland  •  Western Australia

Susanne brings a wealth of training and experience in every level of the food industry.
Her skills are integrated to provide clients with accomplished services in all areas of food presentation, preparation and training, including :

  • Recipe and product development
  • Culinary and Wilder Wellness classes
  • Food marketing and public relations
  • Guest chef appearances, media spokesperson
  • Food and travel writing, newsletters and restaurant reviews
  • Food Service employee training; front and back of the house
  • Culinary consulting for television programming and DVDs

Avocationally, Susanne is also a Hatha Yoga instructor, as well as a roller-blading, biking, kayaking, and fishing bon vivant!




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